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Managing Healthy Workplaces

Lynn Management Consulting helps a company manage a healthy, caring workplace.  Your employees have a shared purpose and are actively engaged in creating a healthy workplace. Have you wanted to get employees excited to come to work Monday?  Does recognition for being the best company or workplace in the area matter to you? A healthy workplace and happy employees are the foundation to being the best. Lynn Management believes in the value management plays in a healthy workplace. There are alot of great worksite wellness resources, companies can access. WELCOA (Wellness Council of America),  has its 7 benchmarks as a framework.  CDC and the Vermont Department of Health has worksite toolkits.  However, Lynn Management Consulting will help you navigate what is out.  We will help you decide what you can do for a healthy workplace for employees. Call Sheri Lynn at 802.343.0981.

Why Hire Lynn Management?

First, there are a lot of great resources on worksite wellness programs. WELCOA, a nationally recognized company, has its 7 benchmarks model. CDC and the Vermont Department of Health has worksite wellness toolkits. But if your company hires Lynn Management Consulting, you have a personal coach to help navigate what is out there and help you decide what makes sense for the business and employees.  The company’s leadership and employees receive personalized, comprehensive, high-quality customer service by hiring Lynn Management.  We help your company be the best place to work through management for a healthy & caring workplace. Call Sheri Lynn at 802.343.0981.

Lynn Management Consulting Services Helps Your Company Be One of the Best Workplaces

Second, Lynn Management knows that to be one of the best places to work, you have to look at how the organization works.  Especially important is creating management strategies for growth and change that support what is best for employees and customers.  The following strategic approaches are examples of Lynn Management services that can help a company be the best.

  • Create a culture and shared purpose for a healthy and safe workplace.
  • Plan and organize training and special events for employees to be effective in their jobs.
  • Facilitate the change management process and engage employees to plan for growth and change.
  • Build capacity of effective teams to manage projects.

Examples Managing Purpose, Workplace, and Employees

Lastly, Lynn Management has over 10 years experience making a difference in the workplace.  The following list are some examples of what clients may request for services.

  • Coach and provide technical assistance to leaders to engage employees in health and wellness policies and programs in the workplace.
  • Develop, test, and promote online training modules or coordinate in person single or multi-day conferences and training events to build employees skills and abilities.
  • Develop a 1-year action plan or a 3 – 5 year strategic plan that pulls together leaders from all levels in a company to have a shared purpose.
  • Manage a new project and coordinate with employees and partners to build effective teams.

Let us help you with managing purpose, workplace, and employees.  We will help you create a healthy worksite that promotes wellness for employees and their families.  Got an event, training needs, or new project to organize?  We can help you get results through the lens of being the best.  Lynn Management Consulting can train managers and employees for a healthy, caring workplace.  We can help you assess, build capacity, develop, implement or evaluate a plan to be a great place to work. Lynn Management will get you ready to meet the demands for the products and services your customers deserve.