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     Healthy Employees

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Happy, Healthy Workplaces

Does your company need help to manage a happy, healthy, and caring workplace? Let Lynn Management Consulting help with this.  We can provide management consultative services like strategic planning, project management, and employee development to grow and change.

We think that employees who share a common purpose and feel they are part of that purpose, perform better.  Health and safety in the workplace are part of the foundation, too.  Consider these questions first.

  • Are employees happy and motivated?
  • Does it mean something to be one of the best employers in the area?

If you answered yes, call Sheri Lynn at 802.343.0981 to schedule a free 15 minute consultation.

The Difference with Hiring Lynn Management

First, we put in the extra effort to get it right!  If you need something fast, we can meet the challenge.  Second, we are comprehensive and thoughtful in delivering services.  Lastly our purpose along the way is to transition your company’s leaders and managers to take over once services are no longer needed.  Your employees deserve personalized, comprehensive, high-quality customer service by hiring Lynn Management.


These are the types of services that can help companies with management for a healthy and caring workplace.

  • Employee development and training that balances individual and whole workforce effectiveness in their job
  • Strategic planning that engages and prepares employees for change
  • Program management that builds effective teams to manage projects.

In order to deliver these services that get the results for your business, we are effective in facilitation, communication, and collaboration with a diverse group of partners, employees, and leaders in the company.  Here are some examples of what clients may request for services.

  • Coordinate and design a training conference
  • Develop, test, and promote online training modules
  • Strategic planning  that pulls together leaders from all levels in a company to design a shared purpose, 3-5 year plan, and 1 year action plan
  • Consultation to develop health and wellness policies and programs in the workplace.

In general, Lynn Management helps you manage people, place, and purpose.  Through these services, the business creates a happy and healthy worksite.  It can start simple with services to coordinate an event, design a training, or manage a new project.  Let use help your company be one of the best places to work in the area.  In the end your company, employees, and customers will benefit.