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     Management Consultation

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Work Can be a Happy and Healthy Place

Why not make work, a happy and healthy place for employees?  Let Lynn Management Consulting help manage employees and create a work environment for this reason.  It can mean the difference between keeping the best employees working to meet demands of the business versus spending your time recruiting for vacant positions.

When your ready to create one of the best places to work at, start with these questions:

  • Are employees happy?
  • How do you know this?
  • What keeps staff motivated during the busy and slow times?
  • How does a company start to make the workplace better? 

If the answers leave you unsure of what to do next, call Sheri Lynn at 802.343.0981 to schedule a free 15 minute consultation.

The Lynn Management Difference

First, we want to get it right!  If you need something fast, we can meet the challenge.  If you need more information, we can find the resources to help you make a decision.

Second, our approach is comprehensive.  We look at the systems, policies, and operations.  That means everyone in the company can voice their ideas.  In other words, Lynn Management facilitates the discussion about how to make a happy, healthy workplace that improve employees’ outcomes.  The  workplace environment that supports happy and healthy employees, ultimately improves the results you want for customers, clients, and your business.

Third, we want your company to carry on and grow after Lynn Management services end.  This means it is important to build leadership, management, and supervision from within your company.  In the end, Lynn Management clients receive individualized, comprehensive, high-quality customer service.


Lynn Management Consulting offers three primary services:

  1. Management for a Healthy Workplace: For example, we help with strategic planning, supervising and management practices, organizational culture, communication, building teams, and more.
  2. Conference Coordination: For instance, we can plan and set up web registration for your next conference or training event, develop online training, facilitate workshop or event committee meeting, evaluate the event, and more.
  3. Training and Coaching: Lynn Management can develop skills of supervisors and managers, observe employees and coach them to succeed, help with self-assessment of skills, how to develop and use a professional development plan for individuals or teams, and develop policy to support growth.

Above all, Lynn Management helps you to manage people, place, and purpose.  Through these three services, the business creates a happy and healthy work site.  It can start simple.  Hire Lynn Management to facilitate a management meeting to start the discussion about the environment at work.  Or let us deliver a healthy lifestyle workshop at your workplace.  Down the road, we can help your company be one of the best places to work in the area.