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2018 Worksite Wellness Awards – Conference

Vermont Worksite Wellness Conference – Shows Us How It Works

The 2018 Vermont Worksite Wellness Conference, an annual event in Burlington, Vermont, offered a little of everything.  On March 21, Vermont companies of all sizes received awards for their worksite wellness efforts. Exhibitors shared great information and demonstrations. I personally enjoyed testing four of the QOR360 active sitting chairs.

After I visited exhibits, the Governor of Vermont, Phil Scott gave out awards to deserving companies. Following that, I heard keynote speaker Sara Rauch, Wellness Council of America (WELCOA) tell her riveting story.  She spoke about her reasons for a career in workplace wellness.  I went to the morning workshop next that focused on the multigenerational approach to succession planning.    At lunch I enjoyed a tasty, healthy meal to model how to eat well at work.  In the afternoon I went to hear more from Sarah Rauch. She led a discussion about WELCOA’s 7 benchmarks approach.

At the end of this workshop, two University of Vermont students got everyone up to use resistive exercise bands.  Employees  can be more active and less stressed with something as simple and inexpensive as this.  At the end of the day, experts led roundtable discussions.  I went to three sessions: how to set up local food drop-offs at work; going green in your business; and emotionally healthy workplaces.

Overall, I felt I got a lot out of the conference.  In fact, I plan to attend next year.  I will go further to tell anyone interested in a healthy, caring workplace and employers and their staff, attend every year.  You can network, be recognized for your company’s wellness programs, or come to find out how to make wellness at work – work!