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Capacity For Change: When Do You Know the Time Is Right?

I was meeting with a client today to discuss the status of a project that relied on the readiness or capacity of the client and their partners.  My presentation included: The resources that existed and did not exist The costs for these resources The competing priorities facing the partners and My assessment of the readiness […]

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Top Three Practices When Working With Teams

These are my top three practices that apply no matter the stage of development a team has reached (e.g. forming, storming, norming, and performing). Communicate the reason the team was pulled together in words that resonant with employees.  Managers and supervisors may initially pull teams together for the organization to accomplish a goal.  For some […]

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Team Activity Resource

I came across the Wrike project management blog when I was searching for some team building activities for a retreat.  The title, “Ultimate Guide to Team Building Activities that Don’t Suck,” caught my attention.  There are a lot of options to try even for the most cynical people on the team.  Check it out and let me know […]

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Why A Team’s Process Is As Important as the Product

I am reminded every day about the importance that teams play at work. My appreciation of teams started early in my career but it was quite a while later that I studied the team process as a graduate student in my forties. In one course, I practiced the strategies to build effective teams at a […]

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