Healthy Organizations Plan for Change

Employees experience changes in the work place and in their personal life. Business sales and services change too and employees are expected to adapt and meet demands. How does an organization  support employees to sustain a healthy business and healthy and happy staff that meet the challenges of change?

A healthy organizational predicts the cycles of their business long before the change occurs and develops a plan for change. An effective plan considers the consequences change has on employees in the work place. For example, a hotel in Vermont typically experiences high volume during fall as the leaves change. A business can plan for how employees give excellent customer service as job stress increases when the hotel is booked full, every day. One strategy may be to offer in-house workshops to teach stress management techniques during months when there are fewer visits. Another strategy is to embed quick 15 minute structured stress breaks during the work day.  A stress break can be a brisk walk or yoga exercises.

By making a plan for change and establishing procedures or policies to support change, an organization creates a healthy work place for its employees, better productively and healthy bottom line for the business. A plan for change is the ounce of prevention equal to the pound of cure for any healthy organization.