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Our goal is to connect you with the resources, information and skills you need to run a successful business.

Health and Wellness

Wellness Council of America (WELCOA). WELCOA has 30 years of experience and 5000 corporate members.  They offer resources to support healthy workplaces, many for free.

Five Tips To Kickstart and Employee Wellness Program in Your Workplace The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine created this fact sheet.  Simple and worth taking a look for any workplace.  The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) is a non-profit research and advocacy organization based in Washington, D.C.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Healthier Worksite Toolkits. Tool kits are time saving aids that provide customized turn-key solutions to help program planners plan, implement, and evaluate a specific health promotion intervention.

American Heart Association Worksite Wellness Kit. The American Heart Association’s Worksite Wellness Kit encourages companies to give employees an excuse to get away from their desks.

VT Department of Health Worksite Wellness. A well-constructed and well-run wellness program can reduce costs and improve employee health and morale. Here in Vermont, more and more work sites are instituting these programs.

Forbes, Young Entrepreneurs Council, 4 Steps to Implement a Successful Employee Wellness Program. Healthier people work harder, are happier, help others and are more efficient.  Unhealthy workers are generally sluggish, overtired and unhappy, as the work is a symptom of their way of life. No company can be successful without paying attention to the well-being of their people — and people can’t be successful without feeling good every day.


Planning Resources

Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations and Results (SOAR) in business planning. The ability to think and act strategically is critical for organizations. Ideally, organizations will initiate the process of business planning throughout the organization. Is there a better way to conduct this process? Is there a way to make business planning a more positive, engaging and effective experience?

The Thin Book of SOAR. SOAR is a strategy formulation and planning framework that allows an organization to plan its most preferred future.

SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats). When examining the potential for a new business or product, a SWOT analysis can help determine the likely risks and rewards. SWOT, which stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats, is an analytical framework that can help your company face its greatest challenges and find its most promising new markets.

Results-Based Accountability. This guide is intended for those working to implement Results-Based Accountability or Outcomes-based Accountability in their community, city, county, council, state or nation.

Forbes article on 5 steps to strategic planning. It’s hard to accomplish anything without a plan. A strategic plan looks at all the things your small business could do and narrows it down to the things it is actually good at doing. A strategic plan also helps business leaders determine where to spend time, human capital, and money.


Creating Effective Teams A Guide for Members and Leaders Fifth Edition by Susan A. WheelanCreating Effective Teams: A Guide for Members and Leaders. Fifth Edition by Susan wheeler. A practical guide for building and sustaining top-performing teams.

Stages of team development. Traditionally, a team goes through five stages of development. Each stage of team development presents its own special challenges to a group of people striving to work together successfully by forming a cohesive team. At each stage, the behavior of the leader must be adapted to the changing and developing needs of the group.

Online tools to support team collaboration. 6 Free easy-to-use online collaboration tools to make teamwork simple.

Forbes article on running meetings. Meetings fill an increasing number of hours in the workday, and yet most employees consider them as a waste of time. According to a survey of U.S. professionals by Salary.com, meetings ranked as the number one office productivity killer. But there are ways to run effective, efficient meetings that leave your employees feeling energized and excited about their work.

Team building information for supervisors. Keys to enhance your supervisory success.