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Simple Steps to Change

It is about the journey.  I have never been one to support this until looking back at what I have done in my career and personal life.  For example, now that I am over fifty, I still value the goals I have set.  These include for example expanding my business clientele, losing weight and becoming debt free in 2016.  If the focus is solely on the results, it is easy to feel defeated or that it is hard.  But I like to put one foot forward with celebrating the first, second and third step in the process.  There are a lot of self-help books, motivational speakers, groups and organizational supports out there to help focus on the simple steps.  The Let’s Move campaign does this with tips to increase physical fitness and improve nutrition.

A recent Forbes article offers four tips to succeed in your business life.  One of the tips was to work on the goal you set once a week for an hour towards your goal to success in business.  Seems simple enough and no doubt you would live and breathe the journey in the process.  So the next time you feel defeated or that the goal is out of your reach, think about what you did.  Did it make a small positive difference?  If it did not make a difference, what did you learn from the experience?  This may help identify a new step.  I know I learn from mistakes but my mom taught me perseverance growing up.  Make lemonade out of lemons!